Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

According to the protection of personal data, the user has the right to access his personal data which he entered or made available at in use of the Website, and repair of such personal data.

Users who have completed the registration form and have accepted these terms and conditions agree their personal data to be processed by electronically for delivery of ordered goods or services.

Users provide their personal data voluntarily for their identification in the process of using the site and they can be stored, processed and used by for maintenance of services for the purpose of advertising of goods and services offered in the retail chain stores like getting advertising materials, newsletters and other novelties offered by states that provided by users of the site personal data is not transferred to third parties for advertising, promotional or any other purposes. reserves the right to use the IP addresses and other data users to reveal their identity when this is necessary on the grounds of an order of the relevant state authority issued properly, or to comply with a statutory legal procedures or to comply with the general conditions of the e-commerce site.

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